I’ve had the good fortune to work with Stephanie for a number of years. She supports my business with a wide range of marketing communications activities, including writing, planning, positioning, messaging, media relations, and analyst relations. I find that I turn to Stephanie most often when I have a project that I just need to get done, and get done right. What I appreciate about Stephanie, beyond her wide range of experience, responsiveness and professionalism, is her ability to quickly understand my business and provide work products that demonstrate that understanding, as well as insightful observations that lead to products that are much more effective than what I find I get from larger agencies or firms. My only challenge is that I cannot clone Stephanie, or talk her into taking me on as her only client.” ~Tony Jacob, Managing Director, Worldwide Insurance, Microsoft Corporation

More Buzz About Stephanie Rowland . . .

Stephanie Rowland is a Communications rock star! She jumped right in with both feet when I was down a comms lead and immediately started engaging with my team, quickly earning their respect, and building a communications plan from zero. Within a few days she was writing press releases on a business she had never worked on, hands on writing a thought leadership co-branded newsletter with Gartner, developing an internal communication for my team…just to name a few things. Stephanie is the consummate professional and someone I have relied on for several months to support different areas of my business as her work extended to writing web copy, blogs, etc.. Stephanie has been a key part of the Marketing team at Pyramid Analytics and I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs both a strategic thinker, as well as someone who rolls up her sleeves and delivers an excellent product. – Chandra DuFrene, Senior Vice President Marketing at Pyramid Analytics

“I have been so impressed with Stephanie’s diligence, execution, and collaboration in working with me through all of the multiple requests and all of the minutia for our PR/Comms needs. Stephanie has been wonderful to work with and I truly valued her partnership. ~Jacinda Chislum, Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Microsoft Corporation

“I first met Stephanie Rowland when she was a Group Manager for Microsoft’s most important Global Customers including companies like Boeing, Ford and Nestlé. Since then, I’ve worked on and off with Stephanie for over 10 years and consider her one of THE very best strategic communications and marketing consultants. Her knowledge of both the client and agency side of business is impressive, as is her ability to get real results in business to business (B2B) or business to customer industries. From creating online marketing and social media campaigns to advising a CEO or senior executive on messaging for an upcoming interview with CNN, Stephanie has done it all. Plus she has a terrific sense of humor so is a joy to work with and a true professional in every way. I have referred her many times, continue to look for any chance to collaborate with her. I highly recommend her for any marketing communications work in need of a brilliant, innovative strategist.” ~Whitney Keyes, Professor, Author of Propel: Five Ways to Amp Up Your Marketing and Accelerate Business, Strategist, Speaker

“Having worked with Stephanie for over 4 years on Microsoft’s Global Diversity & Inclusion efforts has truly been a pleasure and asset. Stephanie thinks holistically and always ensured our multicultural PR efforts were leveraged for other Microsoft business groups by strategically identifying ways to tell the Microsoft story in a meaningful way. She’s resourceful, experienced strategist and a true team player.” ~Willy Villarreal, Vice President, Edelman Consumer, Multicultural

“Stephanie is a rare gem. She delivers smart strategy, great project management and flawless execution, shape shifting effortlessly based on a business’s needs. She’s great at both mapping to the big picture (and helping you get there) + knowing what needs to happen at the lowest possible level. She’s also a master at adapting to and effectively managing changes and solving problems to keep a project on track. I’ve witnessed her pull off insane events, and manage complex projects and high-maintenance situations with grace and ease, that would have turned others hair grey. As a business partner, she’s a great team player and collaborator and knows and delivers exactly what you need to help you succeed in your role. Any opportunity I have to work with Stephanie, I jump at it. I highly recommend you do too!” ~Laurie Woicik, President, Ignite Corporation

“Stephanie is a pleasure to work with. She is poised, professional and focused on achieving the desired results. She has a solid understanding of the clients she represents and always presents smart points of view and recommendations. In particular, I appreciate her collaborative style. She oversaw a multi-month technology access project for my account team. There were many moving parts, high-pressure to complete and multiple stakeholders. Throughout the project she kept the collective parties moving forward with positive and collaborative energy, provided instructive input and held people accountable. This is just one example of how she runs projects – with respect for the people and an eye on the end goal. And, Stephanie is fun to work with. I always look forward to the opportunities to work with her.” ~Michelle Urdan, SVP, Microsoft Server & Tools Account at Waggener Edstrom

Stephanie is an absolute necessity on any project. She has the seasoned experience you want combined with the organizational skills, and calm cool under pressure. She’s an asset in any project.” ~Meredith Lynch, Vice President, EMEA Region, Waggener Edstrom

“I worked with Stephanie Rowland when I was managing the communications program for Microsoft’s Azure and Windows Server product lines. She is a true team player, adding a lot of value to our business when we needed someone to drive our public relations efforts during a team transition. She was able to step in and deliver results quickly in order to keep our business moving forward. She’s able to assess challenging situations and handle them effectively. Her number one priority was customer service and commitment to a job well done.” ~Helene Love Snell, President at Red Wing Consulting Corporation

“Stephanie is a communications professional who consistently amazed me with her capability, consistency and creativity! She earned the respect of the entire team she worked with and total satisfaction with her focus on excellence and high quality delivery month after month. I don’t think I ever saw Stephanie without a smile. She was positive and passionate about everything she did and it is my honor to recommend her for any communications project you are considering.” ~Margaret Manning, Community Manager at Sixty and Me

“I’ve known and worked with Stephanie for nearly 20 years. Stephanie is a superior marketing and communications professional with incredible insight, drive, client orientation and focus on results. Stephanie excels in every facet of communications, from determining strategy to executing tactics. Any organization would be fortunate to work with Stephanie to meet their communications goals and objectives.” ~Peggy Fischer, Director of Communications, Caradigm

“Stephanie is an excellent marketing communications and PR professional. I have had the pleasure of working with Stephanie when we were both at Microsoft Global Account in 2002-2004. Her can do attitude, professionalism, and ability to execute are exceptional.” ~Amy McCullough, Sr. Director of Marketing, Developer Express, Inc.

“Stephanie is one of the most collaborative and capable marketing and communications professionals I have had the good fortune to work with. Stephanie and I first worked together 14 years ago on the Global Accounts team at Microsoft. I also had the pleasure of working with Stephanie on several projects after she formed her consulting company. I found Stephanie to be particularly skilled in developing strategies to move teams, organizations and projects forward. When it comes to execution, Stephanie consistently delivers at the highest level. She is thorough and thoughtful in her approach and demonstrates an exceptional level of thought leadership, market knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend Stephanie!” ~Robyn Hendrickson, PHR, Group Manager – Culture, Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, Avanade

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stephanie since 2004. She has consistently delivered top-quality work, has an impeccable track record, and is a joy to work with. Stephanie is someone who is totally reliable–having her on a project brings you invaluable peace of mind.” ~John Borozan, President, Synaxis Marketing

Whenever we need to bring in a solid communications pro, we look to Stephanie. She epitomizes everything we are all about: she’s driven, motivated, and capable. She’s an integral partner to many teams at Microsoft, developing new ideas, executing strategic communications programs, and delivering clear results. We’re fortunate to have her as an asset to our business.” ~Roy Mason, VP Sales and Marketing, Sirius 6, and former Microsoft Advertising & Online client

“I’ve had the great fortune to work with Stephanie and have always been impressed by her outstanding professional contributions, delightful personality and high degree of integrity. She was my go-to support during both of my infant care leaves at Microsoft and I can’t imagine a better fit. During those breaks, she added value on a daily basis and rapidly became a trusted member of my team. She made the team, and me, look good!” ~Jean McCarthy, marketing communications consultant and former Microsoft client

“Stephanie Rowland has helped me clarify both my message and my best markets as a freelance writer. After advising me how to highlight my talent, she planned a marketing strategy for my work. It was strengthening to have the guidance of a talented publicist, who could adapt her publicity to my style, and who carried out each job with skill, timeliness and aplomb. When an article went out following that marketing strategy, a number of usually closed doors opened. Some editors gave valuable feedback and eventually the article was accepted for publication. During the ups and downs of the process, Stephanie’s support was invaluable. It was a joy to work with her.”  ~Seattle Author

“Working with Stephanie Rowland of Rowland Consulting was truly a pleasure. We hired Stephanie and her team to assist us with the initial launch of CXOGolfAcademy, a brand new area of our business. Stephanie really listened to our needs and developed a phased action plan to drive toward our immediate goals. Through a consultative approach, she worked closely with us to identify new public relations opportunities and ways to get our story out, and helped to raise the visibility of CXO GolfAcademy both within the community and with existing and potential customers. Stephanie also understood how to incorporate the bigger picture of our other company offerings into the messaging of CXO GolfAcademy, ensuring a comprehensive approach.” ~Suzanne Atkinson, Director, Strategic Marketing & Services, Opal Enterprises/CXO Golf

“Stephanie has been a gold mine of ideas for helping my company grow into new areas of business. Her enthusiasm and experience are top-notch. I can trust the decisions we reach together because I know she researches all angles of a project thoroughly. Stephanie is a big reason my company is moving forward vigorously into its second decade of operations.” ~Kerry Lehto, President, KL Communications

“My management team and I really appreciated all of the hard work that you did on our behalf. You assessed our situation quickly, listened to our needs and developed a strategy plan to drive us toward our goals. I appreciated your teamwork and execution.” ~Tom Newell, former CEO, ODS Software (now a subsidiary of Progressive Solutions)

“Rowland Consulting was instrumental in issuing our first press release, reaching out to a wide range of online and print publications, and securing two articles and a TV recording about our company, which brought us both publicity and sales. Rowland Consulting also provided us with strategic advice and guidance on our PR strategy-a service invaluable to our fledgling company.” ~Sergey Podlazov, President, Dance to Wellness