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Clients who hire Rowland Consulting want results quickly and cost effectively. We have helped businesses of all shapes and sizes and industries. We are committed to your success.


Check out some of the wins we have delivered for our clients:

Managed a multi-disciplinary global team within a software company to develop and deliver one of organization’s priority strategy announcements of the year. Results included a rich set of media messages and materials that were leveraged by global teams, a successful executive keynote address and global media coverage that was net positive, with all key messages picked up.

Secured local and national print, TV, radio and online coverage for a local author launching a new book, resulting in heightened visibility to drive book sales.

Developed strategic messaging and positioning for a technology company to help define its core value proposition. This messaging was used to develop public relations materials and marketing collateral that in turn helped the company establish a new strategic business relationship.

Developed and executed a new employee community program for a global software company. Satisfaction within the community increased as a result because the program reduced communication redundancy across teams, helped employees understand and prioritize key action items and deadlines, and reduced email volume.

Executed a new Advisory Council strategy for a technology company that was instrumental in validating current strategy and exploring new business approaches.

Developed an awards program for a technology company that resulted in the CEO being named a “Top 40 Under 40” business professional by the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Executed a strategic public relations plan for a service company/retail shop. A community program, media placements and a speaking program helped to raise the visibility of the client both within the community and with existing and potential customers.

Drove national print media coverage for a technology company that raised awareness for a new product launch.

Secured multiple speaking opportunities for Seattle-area counselor, including radio appearances that led to her own radio show.